Badass Dragon Names for Your Little Fire Breather

Badass Dragon Names for Your Little Fire Breather

Dragons are loved creatures even though they are mythological creatures, they are mostly liked because of their wings, along with which they have a sense of adventure attached to them. 

And this feeling of adventure as well as overwhelming fierceness makes a lot of users name their babies after these cool dragons, and in this task you might be confused what are the names that mean dragon which you can use. 

But you do not need to worry as this blog is the answer of your question, because here we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the cool dragon names you can use for your baby boy. 

Famous Dragon Names of Used in Various Places for the Readers – 

These are some of the famous names of dragons which have been used in movies or in novels etc which are quite popular among the people as well and you might like these names for your baby boy. 

  • Arman 
  • Blue Eyes White Dragon
  • Dagahra 
  • Darksmoke 
  • Diaval 
  • Dragonite 
  • Eborsisk 
  • Errol 
  • Eustace Scrubb 
  • Falkor 
  • Firnen 
  • Ghidorah 
  • Haku 
  • Leviathan 
  • Lockheed 
  • Maleficent 
  • Mushu 
  • Rhaegal 
  • Shenron 
  • Smaug 
  • Toothless 
  • Thorn 
  • Uruloki 
  • Viserion 

These were the male dragon names which will give your baby boy an adventurous vibe and not only this but these names are also quite popular in the fantasy world. 

Names Which Mean Dragon for the Readers – 

Here are some other names which actually mean dragon and which you might want to use for your child. 

  • Apalala 
  • Aiden 
  • Belindo 
  • Brantley 
  • Brenton 
  • Cadmus 
  • Draco 
  • Drake 
  • Ethecatl 
  • Fafnir 
  • Kai 
  • Ladon 
  • Longwei 
  • Nithe 
  • Ormr 
  • Pendragon 
  • Tatsuya 
  • Tyson 

Names Which Mean Dragon for Your Little Fierce Baby Girl – 

Good dragon names are not only available for your baby boys but also for your baby girls and here are some of the ones which we have listed for you. 

  • Alina 
  • Aine 
  • Apep 
  • Brenna 
  • Chumana 
  • Chusi 
  • Glaurung 
  • Edna 
  • Hydra 
  • Kaida 
  • Kaliyah 
  • Kayda 
  • Malinda 
  • Mindy 
  • Nuri 
  • Ryoko 
  • Scylla 
  • Tanwen 

These were the names which would be used for a baby girl when you want to name her after a dragon. If you liked these names then you can use them as it is just the way they are given, if not then you could use them by modifying them a bit. 

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